FASS Insomniac

We brew the best kind of coffee.

Editor’s Note

The next chapter of 2012 is upon us. Whether or not the previous month of January proved as ideal as we hoped it to be, I am personally grateful for fresh starts and second chances. Whoever said that those could occur only on the last day of every December?

In fact, on a less solemn note, I am proud to announce that Insomniac is having its own fresh start! Insomniac is transiting from what was initially a print publication to one that’s entirely online – and this is just the tip of the iceberg. With this new direction, the team at Insomniac is taking upon itself the ambition to capture the spiciest bits of life in and outside of FASS for your consumption! Expect a range of content: light-hearted satire, survival tips, informative commentaries and even frivolous news. I am confident the newly-formed team of writers and designers will constantly have you entertained!

As for you, dear readers, we would love to have you on board with us! Drop us an email expressing your interest to be part of the team, or simply write in as a guest contributor if you have a great idea or photograph to share.

In the meanwhile, get inspired with the new Insomniac!


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