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Double Shots: YouTube Music Duos

‘Cause sometimes one just isn’t good enough.

Boyce Avenue, Sam Tsui and David Choi – these are just a few of the Average Joes Turned Video Stars on YouTube who leave us thanking God for our timely existence in the ‘Broadcast Yourself’ era with their amazing song covers and singles. Following their success, more (self-proclaimed) musicians are jumping onto the online song covers bandwagon, in hopes of landing their YouTube ticket to fame too. While there are some who simply make you cringe at the first note (we can only applaud their courage), this social media platform also consists of many precious gems to be unearthed. Gladys Ho introduces two pairs of YouTube music duos who would keep you hitting the ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Replay’ buttons. Enjoy!

1)    Karmin (Amy Heidermann & Nick Noonan)

The fact that we all go ‘awwwww’ watching couples doing what they love together is exactly why we can’t say no to Karmin (pronounced [car-men]) – US pop music duo consisting of Amy Heidermann and Nick Noonan who are married to each other. The couple, who met at Berklee College of Music in Boston, rose to prominence following their cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’ which attracted over 59 million views on YouTube. With a diversified background in music genres ranging from Jazz to Pop, the duo puts their skills to good use by experimenting with new arrangements for songs, thus transforming every cover into one that is quirkily Karmin and unlike a carbon copy of the original.

Our pick is their cover of Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass on Billboard.com which undeniably got our heartbeats running away. We love how the simple piano accompaniment of Nick brings out the best of Amy’s vocals and her articulate rapping skills; Nothing like being able to understand an entire song without referring to the lyrics! So here’s the deal – an adorable white girl rapping/singing alongside her talented and cute-guy-next-door looking hubby, all in the name of love for music and for each other (say ‘Awwww…’ again). What’s there not to love about Karmin? We definitely want to see more of this good-looking pair of songbirds taking on the music world together.

2)    Tyler Ward & Alex G

Unlike Karmin, our next pair isn’t an item (yet) but we sure hope music can make the heart grow fonder. Colorado born musician Tyler Ward became a YouTube sensation when the video of his crew’s cover of ‘We Are The World’ became the #1 most viewed YouTube video for musicians, two years back. Since then, Ward has been producing countless covers and originals that feature both his solos, as well as collaborations with other like-minded music enthusiasts.

We pick Alex G, whom according to Ward is his ‘neighbour’, as our favourite featured singer amongst all the rest. Their first collaboration covering Lady Gaga’s Born This Way got us officially rooting for Team Lovers Neighbors. Departing from the fast drum and techno beats adopted in the original, as well as many other YouTube Covers, the duo puts an acoustic spin on the song and brings forth a brighter and more inspiring alternative which serves to convey perhaps a stronger message of self-love than the Mother Monster’s original track. Tyler and Alex’s soothing vocal harmonies, on-screen chemistry and passion for music displayed in this first cover also proves to be the chip for their success in subsequent works such as Love like Valentine and Falling. Without a doubt, these neighbours are definitely on the right track baby.


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