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DIY: Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Let’s face it. We all love eating, but most of us hate everything else leading up to that moment of gastronomical bliss – the grocery shopping, the preparation and the cooking.  What’s worse? The cleaning up that comes after. Watching what goes on behind the scenes in the reality-tv cooking competition, Hell’s Kitchen, hardly encourages us to think otherwise. To challenge this popular myth that kitchen works are only for those with time and patience aplenty, Teo Simjoo introduces SortedFood, a YouTube channel that offers clean and student-friendly recipes for the aspiring cook in us.

Would you believe me if I said you could whip up a chocolate cake without having to bake it? If the answer’s no, let the experts from SortedFood prove you wrong. The five-strong kitchen crew began from a simple ambition: moving university students away from the unhealthy culinary habit that barely goes beyond: 1. the action of tearing open a packet of instant noodles and 2. the technique of boiling.  With light-hearted banter, idiot-proof steps and affordable ingredients to boot, their creative recipes have attracted a following of hungry and inspired Youtubers seeking solutions to their own food dilemmas.

And this I must confess: a click and an embarrassing number of hours later, I pretty much scoured the entire YouTube channel, mouth watering and all ready to brandish the utensils in my kitchen. Don’t say you weren’t forewarned.


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This entry was posted on March 9, 2012 by in DIY.
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