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2012 FASS Valentine’s Special

Held along the walkway between AS1 to AS6 from Feb 13 to 15, this year’s Valentine’s Day Bazaar, organised by NUS Students’ Arts and Social Sciences Club, will be a tad different from the previous years’.  Ting Shi Min tells us why.

Unlike most bazaars held around campus, no external vendors are involved in this year’s Valentine’s Day Bazaar. This is done in a bid to encourage entrepreneurship among students, and the deposit amount required of vendors was set at an all-time low.

Shurlene Toh, a second-year Social Work major, is one of the twenty student vendors who took advantage of the golden opportunity.

“We decided to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day in a special way by raising funds for our (social work) society, mainly to cover the cost of our various programs,” Toh, also the Recreational Activities Director for Society of Social Work, said.

Other than promoting entrepreneurship, the bazaar also aims to boost the spirits of students as the dreaded mid-terms draw near. Combat the anxiety attacks with retail therapy and forget your worries for the time being!

As for those who couldn’t find the time to search for a Valentine’s Day gift, fret not! We have got it all figured out for you. Here’s a guide to the items that are available for sale at the bazaar and for whom you should buy it for.


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